Corvallis Farmers’ Market

farmers market

Saturday & Wednesday Markets

April through November every year

9am – 1pm

Corvallis’s downtown host two outdoor farmers’ markets bursting with the Willamette Valley’s best fruits, vegetables, cut flowers and nursery plants. Locally grown nuts, honey, meats, eggs, cheeses, jams, dried fruits, baked goods and other delights prepared from our local bounty will fuel your explorations or make great gifts. Meet the growers, enjoy some live music, fresh culinary samplings and even cooking demos!

For up-to-date information on the Corvallis Farmers Market, watch our events calendar and visit

20 thoughts on “Corvallis Farmers’ Market

    1. Marci

      Hi there! Here’s some contact information for Hugh White and the Corvallis Artisans Market. I hope that helps!

      Edited 6/11/13: We’re sorry, but we don’t currently have any contact information for Hugh White or the Corvallis Artisans Market.

  1. Meeta

    Is it okay to have a food stall in the Parking lot that belongs to Hugh white (Corvallis Artisans market area) ?

    1. Marci

      I’m afraid I don’t have contact information for Hugh White. I’d suggest stopping in to the artisan’s market next Saturday and asking around to see who you’d need to get in touch with. Sorry I can’t help more!

    1. Marci

      You can learn more about the Corvallis Farmers Market at their website, They have a music and special events listing on the left side of their page, but I don’t see Howard Steele listed.

  2. k menefee

    Are there always a good supply of flowers available at both market dates. I am hoping to get my wedding flowers from there, but don’t want to be dissapointed. Looking for flowers in purples, greens and ivory.
    thank you

    1. Marci

      At the height of the season, there’s a huge selection of flowers, but I’m not sure what it looks like this time of year. You may want to take a pre-trip to the market and scout it out. You could pick up contact information for the local vendors, and see if they can put together a special order for you. You may also be able to get vendor information (so you can ask them directly) from the Farmers Market website,

  3. Virginia Stueve

    How do you sign up and/or find pricing for a set up of a booth or for that matter sharing a booth at Corvallis Farmers Market 2014???

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