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Downtown Corvallis

A stroll through Corvallis’ lovely downtown area reveals a plethora of unique shopping and dining experiences laying in wait for the adventurous traveler. Located through First and Sixth Streets, between B and Tyler Avenues, you’ll find our pride and joy: a shopping district lined with fantastic little boutiques and one-of-a-kind eateries. A trip down First Street to enjoy our Commemorative Riverfront Park and the shopping and dining opportunities that have crystallized along this breath-taking walk is not to be missed.

Shopping opportunities abound outside of our downtown area, as well. Neighborhood centers tucked away throughout Corvallis offer a wide variety of entertaining surprises for shoppers. Timberhill and Ninth Street, in particular, offer some entertaining excursions. Several of our larger stores await side-by-side with smaller, locally owned shops in these areas. Monroe Avenue, along Oregon State University, is home to several trendy little storefronts, as well as coffee stops and restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Our rich and active community of artists provides us with amazing art and handmade jewelry to fill our shops, and we have a diversity of custom jewelers, a few wonderful little spas, and some of the finest dining anywhere.

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