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Corvallis is nestled into the heart of the Willamette Valley, surrounded by beautiful and fertile wine country. Scattered amongst the foothills of the Coastal Mountains, under the shadow of Marys Peak, are the Heart of Willamette Wineries, almost 20 boutique vineyards practicing sustainability and enjoying some of the most favorable grape-growing conditions in the Valley.

Known for our Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, and, increasingly, our Pinto Gris, the Heart of Willamette Wineries are friendly, family-owned, award-winning locales, steeped in gorgeous views, natural splendor, and an amazing diversity.

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Block 15 Brewery


Three different award-winning breweries make their homes in Corvallis. Block 15 pairs their amazing beers, made with organic base malt, imported specialty malts and Northwest hops, with excellent, locally-sourced food and makes both following strict sustainability practices. Flat Tail Brewery was proud to take home a first place People’s Choice Award in the 2011 KLCC Microbrewfest in nearby Eugene. Two Towns Cider House specializes in crisp, fantastic ciders made from locally-produced apples, honey, and other special ingredients.


Benton County is best know for its wine and microbrews, but our distilleries are making news, too. Benton County is home to three different distilleries: 4 Spirits, located in historic Adair Village and named for four fallen combat veterans who served with distillery owner Dawson Officer; Veracity Spirits, which specialized in a super-smooth vodka made from organic, locally-sourced corn; and Hard Times, proud distillers of the Sugar Momma Vodka, which has been called “the rum fan’s vodka.”

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    A map would be nice! I have looked up several of listings Shrewsbury Ren Faire and the best I have seen is 15 miles from Corvallis. Why not a map? All I see is about Corvallas.

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