Julie Green’s ‘The Last Supper: 500 Final Meals of US Death Row Inmates’ at the Arts Center

The Arts Center in Corvallis is proudly hosting Julie Green’s The Last Supper: 500 Final Meals of US Death Row Inmates, an amazing art installation memorializing the last meals of Death Row inmates in blue mineral paint fired on white porcelain plates.

500 Final Meals of Death Row Inmates at the Arts Center

This is the Arts Center’s 50th anniversary year. This thought-provoking body of work from Julie Green, Associate Professor of Painting at Oregon State University, marks a stunning start to their celebration. You can learn more about The Last Supper at the Arts Center’s website, and from these excellent articles at OPB.org and OregonLive.com.

OSU Professor Explores Death Penalty Through ‘Last Supper’ Plates

When Julie Green was living in Oklahoma in the late 90s, she would open her morning paper and find an intriguing, if somewhat morbid, detail. If the state executed someone, the paper printed the contents of their last meal.

“They actually humanized death row for me,” she says. “It hit home to me that those meals were so personal and so specific.” Read more >>

Artist memorializes last-meal choices by death-row inmates

When she accepted a position in the Oregon State University Department of Art in 2000, she began The Last Supper, a project that would translate her feelings into a public statement. Her first piece was a portrayal of those tacos and doughnuts that had caught her attention in Norman. Expressed through blue mineral paint fired on white porcelain plates, the series now has more than 500 pieces depicting last-supper choices by death-row inmates.

The work has been exhibited widely in the United States and internationally, most recently at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The Corvallis Arts Center plans a show in early 2013. National news media including Ceramics Monthly, Gastronomica and National Public Radio have featured The Last Supper, as has Dark Rye, an online magazine produced by Whole Foods Market. OSU-Cascades artist Henry Sayre has included text and images, as well as Green’s narrative tempera paintings, in the 2012 edition of his textbook A World of Art, published by Prentice-Hall. Read more >>

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