Corvallis Transportation

You’ll find that Corvallis is an easy place to navigate.

The downtown and University neighborhoods are highly walkable, and the city has been named one of the nation’s most bicycle-friendly. There are plenty of choices when it comes to Corvallis transportation, including city buses, taxi cabs, shuttles, and car and bicycle rentals.

Walking and Cycling

The League of American Bicyclists awarded Corvallis, Oregon their Gold-level Bicycle Friendly Community status in 2011, and we are committed to keeping the award. Our streets are some of the most bicycle friendly you’ll find, and if you don’t bring your own bike when you visit, you’ll be able to rent one when you get here. If you’re more into a casual stroll from place to place, Corvallis is great for that, too. Walk our shady sidewalks, drinking in the beauty of our stately historical homes as you tour Corvallis’ downtown or the lovely Oregon State campus.

Eco-Friendly Buses

Corvallis boasts a robust busing system that offers regular route throughout town, and are free to ride. Our buses run on biodiesel, also, so no worries about unpleasant diesel smells or environmental damage. Ride in friendly, timely air-conditioned comfort all over town in Corvallis.

Taxis, Car Rentals and More

Call the Beaver Cab for a ride, or keep a sharp eye out for one of Corvallis’ best ways to get somewhere, the Pedicab! If you’d rather be in control of your own transportation destiny, you can get a car rental in Corvallis as well.

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