Corvallis Oregon Weather

Beat the heat and have a cool vacation in July in Corvallis!

Go hiking or biking through 60+ miles of trails that wind through lush, shady woods, across green and gold meadows, and around some of the prettiest wine country in Oregon. After a long day of adventure, kick back with a locally-produced craft beer. Enjoy an amazing meal cooked from the bounty of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. You’ll be glad you came!

Corvallis Oregon Weather

Our summer weather averages a balmy 75° to 80°, with bright blue skys and little humidity. It’s the perfect climate for long hikes or bike rides. Try a few rounds of golf, boating or tubing the Willamette River, or just sitting back and relaxing.

Corvallis Oregon Weather - Hiking

Get Outside & Enjoy a Cool Vacation

Corvallis, Oregon offers a stunning array of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. We’ve got over sixty miles of multi-use trails ranging from pleasant walks to hardcore hikes. Learn more >>

Corvallis Oregon Weather - Things To Do

Find Things To Do in Corvallis

There’s never a lack of things to do in Corvallis. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a foodie, have an artistic bent or love all things fairs, there’s something happening year round. Learn more about our attractions and check our events calendar!

Corvallis Oregon Weather - Peak Sports

Rent a Boat or Bike

Peak Sports, located at 2nd Street and Jackson Avenue in downtown Corvallis, Oregon, offers a wide variety of boats, paddle boats and bicycles for rent. Take a leisurely trip down the Willamette River, enjoying the cool river breezes and basking in the sun, or pick your favorite cycle and hit the trails. Learn more >>

Corvallis Oregon Weather - Golfing

Knock Out a Few Rounds of Golf

Corvallis has five different golf courses, ranging from family-owned 9-hole courses to tournament-ready 18-hole offerings. Bring your clubs and enjoy an afternoon strolling along the greens, surrounded by Benton County’s stunning scenery. Learn more >>